Revenge is a dish best served cold

October 21, 2006

This is a non-Japan post, but the former intel analyst in me can’t resist bringing it to your attention.

You may remember that, a few months ago at the G-7 meeting in Moscow, the Russians ‘forgot’ to turn off a microphone situated right near where Tony Blair was talking to Pres. Bush II, in an effort to get him to take the Lebanon-Israel crisis seriously. You may also remember, if you’d seen the footage, that George seemed more interested in the chicken dish in front of him than in talking to Droney Tony.

Well, the Europeans have had their revenge. This time Vladimir Putin’s microphone was ‘accidentally’ left on after an EU engagement – and he’s fallen right into the trap.

Apparently, ‘Putin has a track record of salty expressions that often seem better suited to the barrack room than to affairs of state.’

You can take the boy out of the KGB, but …


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