I can’t believe it’s not beer!!

November 5, 2006

On Friday night the committee here at the Tokyo International Exchange Center held a welcoming party for the foreign student residents. There was plenty of sushi, as well as rice, noodles, ‘Hyatt style’ greasy spring rolls and baked potatoes. Almost all of my fellow Grippers turned up so we enjoyed mixing with each other and with the other students staying here.

One interesting tidbit of info that I learnt from the Japanese students was that the beer we were drinking wasn’t actually beer, as we know it. Everyone knows that beer is brewed at breweries, right? When you were changing classes at Sydney Uni, and you could smell sweet malt hovering in the air, you knew that the people at the Fosters brewery on Parramatta Road were preparing another batch.

Well, not in Japan. You can buy traditionally brewed beer, but you can also buy something that has been prepared by some sort of advanced biochemical process that only the Japanese would have bothered inventing. The major breweries all prepare beer of both types.

The giveaway is a line of lettering placed somewhere on the tin (Japanese beer is invariably tinned). I’ll post a photo of it next time I get near a tin (which will probably be next week, unless I get invited to another Chinese party – see the post below).

Myself, I couldn’t tell the difference between the traditional stuff and the hi-tech version. But it was certainly better than Fosters or Vic Bitter. Or anything to come out of the Coopers brewery, for that matter – are you reading, Greg Clark?? 😉


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