Some pictures of the school

November 13, 2006

Here are some pictures of our campus in Roppongi. The building is only about a year old, and has a quite modern, ‘German’ type feel about it.


Above is a picture of the front of the building. The main entrace is under the ‘archway’ at the extreme right of the picture (there’s no ‘arch’, I know, but you walk under a block of concrete and into the main foyer). The shape of the roof reminds me of factory buildings, which probably isn’t the most obvious model for a university!

Below is a picture of a part of the interior, taken on the first floor, just in front of the eastern secondary exit and next to the cafeteria (which is to the right of your viewpoint as you look up the stairs):

Campus first floor
Here is a view of the building, from outside the eastern exit. The lecture rooms, study rooms, library, cafeteria and admin areas are all in the shorter, silver ‘factory’ building, while the academics have their offices in the tall brick-coloured building:

Campus east view


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