A good listener

January 14, 2007

No matter how tough and independent we think we are, we all enjoy having a good talk to an old friend.  Getting it all off our chests. 

We appreciate someone who will sit with us while we tell them what happened to us, what we think, and what we plan to do.  Someone who won’t interrupt, or call us a boring fart.  Someone who speaks our language.

Last night, coming back late from a day of study, I decided to get a burger and fries from the Maccas not far from where I stay.  It was very windy and cold.  As I approached the front door, a dishevelled, be-stubbled man wearing a green parka and with a fag in his left hand approached the seat out the front of the store, which – like Maccas everywhere, I suspect – had a smiling, plastic, life-sized Ronald McDonald sitting on it.  Just as I went in, I saw parka-man sit down and start talking to Ronald.

He was still there when I came out, nattering away in Japanese.

And Ronald was still smiling.


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