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Cartoon Representation

May 25, 2007

The Japanese use many drawn animal characters to represent people, situations, etc. Oten they are used to convey messages to the public.  

The one below is a favourite of mine: I had no idea what the message was that it was trying to convey, and so had to ask a Japanese friend to explain it to me. Before looking at the explanation below, can you guess?

Chicken and Egg

Give up?

The poster appears on ‘Kobans’ (Japanese police boxes) throughout Tokyo. The message urges Tokyoites to ‘break out of their shell’ and contact the police, if they suspect something untoward is going on around them.  


Guessing competition

March 8, 2007

Can you guess the number of martinis Dean Martin drank before this performance, sometime (I guess) in the sixties?

First prize?

You just heard Deano singing – what more do you want?? 

Sor-pee-do du-rin-ku

November 22, 2006

So, Thorpie’s swum his final lap, eh?  What a shame.  Such talent, such athleticism, such grace!  If only someone could bottle the ‘essence of Ian’, they’d make a fortune.

Well, guess what?  The people who brought you ‘I can’t believe it’s not beer!’ are ten steps ahead of you:

Thorpie Bottle

OK, so it’s just lolly water sold wherever Japanese schoolgirls congregate.  But the royalties will keep the young Throper well cashed up while he works out what he wants to do with his life.  Maybe I need a life coach too.

But they’ll have to change the photo on the bottle, which pictures young Ian in happier times.

Thorpie II

News Flash: Discussion is no longer ‘verboten’

November 7, 2006

After dwelling on an email from Chris Howe, I’ve decided to allow comments here at the site. It will make it easier for you to ask me questions about Japan, or just communicate in general – which is a good thing!

Just to be safe from spammers, all comments will go into a ‘moderation’ box before they appear on the site.

I hope you’re enjoying my posts.

Revenge is a dish best served cold

October 21, 2006

This is a non-Japan post, but the former intel analyst in me can’t resist bringing it to your attention.

You may remember that, a few months ago at the G-7 meeting in Moscow, the Russians ‘forgot’ to turn off a microphone situated right near where Tony Blair was talking to Pres. Bush II, in an effort to get him to take the Lebanon-Israel crisis seriously. You may also remember, if you’d seen the footage, that George seemed more interested in the chicken dish in front of him than in talking to Droney Tony.

Well, the Europeans have had their revenge. This time Vladimir Putin’s microphone was ‘accidentally’ left on after an EU engagement – and he’s fallen right into the trap.

Apparently, ‘Putin has a track record of salty expressions that often seem better suited to the barrack room than to affairs of state.’

You can take the boy out of the KGB, but …